you like those cute little and nice dogs, but you hate those big dogs that always bark at you and chase you around, amirite?

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I like those cute, big, nice dogs, but I hate those little dogs that bark and chase me around.

To be honest, I don't see a point in owning a small dog. If you want a high maintenance little fluffy thing that doesn't do anything, get a cat.

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Little dogs are ugly and annoying.

210 lb Mastiff. She's scared of her own shadow.
My neighbor has a 5 lb Pomeranian. She thinks she's brave enough to kill f-ing Goliath.

lol. i find that big dogs are more often less annoying at doors because they have nothing to proove. little dogs are like short guys. many of them feel the need to compensate for their height.

OP has met neither, amirite?

Wiener dogs are the only exception, just saying. They are freaking awesome.


My family has chihuahuas, and honestly, I prefer big dogs.

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Why are people hating on smaller dogs? Not all of the are a nuisance, though some are; and some big dogs can be aggressive, though the majority aren't. I hate stereotypes.

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It's usually the little "cute dogs" like chihuahuas, that bark and chase you around. Little dogs think they're so tough!! My sister has and Alaskan Malamute and he's huge, but he's the sweetest dog I've ever seen!!

Little dogs are annoying as hell. Wiener dogs are actually cute, but still annoying as hell.

): Why does everyone think that chihuahuas are evil. All mine does is bark, then tries to lick you to death. c:

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