GIRLS: When you look at your old doll collection, you realize you have ten Barbie dolls but just one Ken doll. And the you realize that Ken was one lucky bastard. amirite?

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I actually had two at one point, but one of their heads fell off.

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actually, i never even had a ken doll, but i did have this grandpa doll... i bet he was one of those rich old guys that went out with girls waaay too young for him even though the girls were only interested in his money :p

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I had about 500 Barbies and like 2 Ken dolls... :o

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Ken's such a player ;)

I literally had thirty something barbies, with some other brat dolls, and one Ken. Hugh Hefner much?

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Even though I'm a guy and have never owned a barbie in my life, I still gave it a "Yeah You Are" for humor content.

This reminded me of Hung...

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I have 2 Ken dolls and like 100 barbies. My Kens are lucky bastards.

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