Gotham City's citizens look up to Batman as a super hero because he's a human being, a one of a kind hero that doesn't need powers to save the city, but can still kick Joker and Two-Face's ass, there's no contest, Batman is a superhero, amirite?

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that's why he's my favorite superhero!

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Mine too :D

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Ditto! Batman <3

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Loooove me some batman:) he's definitely my favorite.

He's a hero, I don't deny that. It's just that "superhero" is not the correct term. He doesn't have super powers, therefore he is not super, therefore he can not possibly be a super hero. It's all in the wording.

@beckalecky I'd say he's one hell of a vigilante, but not a super hero :')

My thoughts exactly. I like him better than some superheros, but he is not super.

Thank you! Thank you guys so much. I've been trying to tell people that for years...

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