Isn't it strange how a heart is shaped like 2 teardrops? Once the heart breaks, the tears start falling. amirite?

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and the guts and blood

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okay, unlike some of these arrogant people, i love this amirite. it it so true, and i connected to it. :D

this is really cute and sweet! NOT gay

Leave the girl alone.

aww i think that's cute...

its not gay to stop saying it is! its cute!

yea, faling up. but your point is still true.

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actually a real heart isn't really shaped like two teardrops...

gay. and its shaped like a fist, with blue and red veins and arteries.

i sorry this way to corny and cheesy

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this is my fb status

Teardrops aren't actually teardrop shaped...they're more elliptical because of gravity...there is no sharp tail.

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