The weirdest thing about twilight is that none of them were texting. Forks must be part of the 3% AT&T doesn't cover, amirite?

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I'm pretty sure the weirdest thing about Twilight is the rampant pedophilia.

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no cell phones & only dial-up internet. what decade is twilight supposed to be in? is it like the early 90s like harry potter?

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the potd has no comments?

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@mattreynolds the potd has no comments?

This isn't the POTD. The POTD hasn't been posted yet.

This comment was deleted by its author.

Take a look at the front page for yourself. The POTD was just running late today.

Omg! I drove trough Forks 2 years ago, and there was no service!!! Not even kidding. (yes I have at&t)

Still thought unicorn. Still satisfied.

Or it's just the fact that they had no lives

I heard it was set in the 90s.

Or in Vampires Suck, sporks

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Am I the only who didn't know wtf this was talking about?

This made me think that vampires use eating utensils to make phone calls...

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