It does not matter that the world will end in 2012, because the final Harry Potter movie will have already been released, amirite?

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The movies are just awful. The books are infinitely better

umm everyone should just get over themselves here? this person is allowed to post about harry potter, you dnt have to read the post alrite?

stop with the harry potter posts already they should make a make a my life is harry potter for all you obsesed people >=[

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And the last part of breaking dawn won't be seen because it's schedualed for 2012. I now don't mind the world ending. =)

Pretty sure this was on MLIA a while back...

The first 2 movies were the best. now its like when is it going to end?

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Wow it must suck to be you. A baby story is worth more to you than life. Grow up!

Hahahahha! I thought the same thing when I saw the preview!

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I hate Harry Potter. OMG stop with the Harry Potter shit..

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