My brother ate an entire bag of waffles, an entire package of hot dogs and all the candy and cookies in the house in less than a day. That's horrifically disgusting and unhealthy he should nottt complain that he is 450 pounds (and five feet ten inches) amirite?

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Having a pet pig must be expensive.

No one needs to hear this.

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Were they blue waffles?

I didn't come here to see your brother's life story. Talk to someone that cares.

Now that what I call a Cool Story, Bro volume 12!

cool story, bro

Madison_s avatar Madison_ Yeah You Are +17Reply

I'd be afraid to give him weed.

i don't even...

I think this post would have gotten better responses if it were worded more like, "Obese people shouldn't complain about their weight if they eat ten pounds of junkfood (or whatever) a day. amirite? "

GiggityGoo22s avatar GiggityGoo22 Yeah You Are +8Reply

I am so confused... I feel like this is a reference to something but what?

@Serg It's probably a reference to your mother

Since when is my brother my mother?

I guess unless he had a sex change and slept with my dad..... ewww....

That is GROSS! Hot dogs after waffles?

Pontiac_Dudes avatar Pontiac_Dude Yeah You Are +7Reply

America at it's best

No way.
This dude's obviously got it made.

Simons avatar Simon No Way +1Reply

Did this actually happen?

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I hate gluttons. So much. Ugh.

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We don't really care about your brothers eating issues.

muffinmonkeys avatar muffinmonkey Yeah You Are -2Reply
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