There was a rumor at your elementary school that the hot dogs were rubber or that the school milk didn't come from cows, amirite?

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We never even had hot dogs...

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In elementary this one girl was always saying that they took food out of the garbage cans if it hadn't been eaten. We didn't believe her, until one day one of our classmates came running over to the table saying he had left his carrots on his tray because he didn't like them and the lunch lady had dumped them back into the bin of carrots for serving.
Then we got to junior high and several kids found mold in the fruit cups. We had several lunch groups in junior high, so after we ate we had to wipe down the tables with rags from this disgusting bucket of standing water that kids spat in when they thought no one was looking.

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In first grade,this kid named Matt told me that the cheese on those square pizzas, was actually old people skin. And, the bodies of the old people were kept under the stage, in the cafeteria. There were a whole bunch of little doors for storing costumes and chairs, so I totally believed that shit.

cardboard pizza

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@pterodactylpower cardboard pizza

Yep, for us it was cardboard pizza and rubber chicken nuggets.

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We only had rubber cheese on the pizza. It bounced if you rolled it up into a ball.

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The other way around, actually.

@Shadi The other way around, actually.

(Chauncy Pickles): hot dogs didnt come from cows and the milk was made of rubber?

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@Shadi Needless to say, the school cafeteria was not up to code.

(Chauncy Pickles): If it was needless to say, then why did you say it?

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My middle school had a lunch lady with a nub beside her pinky where a sixth finger was. Word around the school was that it got cut off in a grinder one day, so all the meat had a little bit of sixth finger in it...

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i got a year old expired milk oe time...

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@i got a year old expired milk oe time...

Which explains the first comment in a way.

... just sayin'.

@Shadi Which explains the first comment in a way. ... just sayin'.

(Chauncy Pickles): ...cool story bro? no one asked you to explain your first comment. and btw: it doesnt. js.

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I didn't mind the school food that much in Elementary School, but once I got to middle school, I almost always bought from the vending machine or just brought food from home. The price is pretty outrageous though. $2.75 just for the standard lunch. If you want to get a water bottle or something it's like a whole dollar extra.

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The food in Elementary school wasn't too bad. Some food was horrible though. Mainly because we didn't have a choice of what to eat. So we had to eat what the school served. And we ate in our classrooms ._. . When I got to junior high, the food got better. But they just heat leftovers up sometimes and serve them at breakfast. (Like tator tots) which makes them taste like shit. My friend had gotten some ranch and it was bubbling all over the place (that's a sign that it had something in it)

Rubber chicken nuggets that could bounce when thrown at a wall

Ours was that the mac and cheese was actually mac and glue. The food was all tasty. Our pizza came from Dominoes and in middle school we could buy Arby's for lunch. High School was even better; pizza, nachos, burgers, subs, salads, an ice cream stand and so on... until they hit the health food kick. But that was after I graduated.

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I wouldn't be surprised. I don't eat that shit anyways, though.

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Fake taco meat.

Really the only bad thing I've ever encountered with school food was a bone in my chicken nugget once which turned me off from eating those for about a year

They serve expired milk ALL THE FLIPPIN TIME in my school

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no smilie Oh those American schools and their fast food + milk school lunches...

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