"your generation is way to rebelious and disrespectful"....uhmm mom, dad, YOUR generation popularized many of the illegal narcatics we have today, protested EVERYTHING, you didnt bathe, traveled the country in a van, never cut your damn hair, and refused to get a job until your were 30! amirite?

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That was a cultural movement. Today, it's a spoiled brat movement.

Also, unless your parents were born in the early 1950s or earlier, they probably weren't very affiliated with the 1960s counterculture movement, which I assume you're referring to.

too, rebellious, narcotics, didn't, *you.
That's driving me crazy.

When people began doing those things, they were doing it in protest of something they believed in.

When I hear some dumb bitch screaming and threatening to sue the school because a teacher gave them a bad grade on a test, I want to punch them in the mouth.
It's not the same as the people who rebelled by doing things such as not cutting their hair in protest of something as important as the Vietnam War.

Those people weren't actually the majority of the population. Although they were large in numbers, it was much more common to find, for lack of a better word, normal people.

LOL stupidity

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