It seems that Canada is like the US, but minus the obesity problem, drug wars, and plus healthcare and colder temperatures. Amirite?

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I don't see why this whole Canada vs the US is such a big deal. At the end of the day, we're all still a part of North America.

(Cough, cough,) Plus Tim Horton's.

and the RCMP!
it's not all cold, either.
I really want to visit sometime, and maybe move there someday.

Cant we all come along and celebrate being North Americans??

Don't forget warmongering. The US love war.

Canada is the friendlier version of the US, IMO.

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It gets to be 80-100 degrees here in BC. I could never stand any hotter. And don't forget our bacon and syrup,

Well like (off the top of my head) 90% of Canadiens live within 50 miles of the US border, so they're basically America's shadow

@boxtop No. We are not your shadow, your hat, and DEFINITELY NOT your 51st state.

You are definitely the hat. A stylish hat with a feather or something cool like that

@boxtop Why can't America be the pants? Why is it all about you guys? HUH? O_O

You really want to be wearing XXXL pants? We are fat you know.

Oh but don't forget about the bad drivers. Ever visit Montreal? I do all the time. Very scary. However, they do have better restaurants. :)

And the United States is more well known, more powerful and has better athletes...so what's your point?

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