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"Freeze Mentos into ice-cubes. Then give your friends an iced diet coke. After five minutes their drink will randomly explode."

how to kill 3 people but only get caught for 1 body.

ummm. i'm at school(college) and i just got on the computer. i might switch schools now...

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Um. I have no idea what that means... I don't even speak Japanese.

Mrs. Pacman is the biggest prostitute. Just pay her 25 cents and she'll eat balls until she dies

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Plus then alex wud hit on every1 and Kevin wud b feelin them all up and Amanda wud b puttin her chest in they'r face saying I'M DYING!

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import java.awt.;
import java.util.

public class GameofLife
extends java.applet.Applet
implements Runnable {
boolean mode = true;
int increase = 0;
int top = 4;
int bot = 2;
static final long serialVersionUID = 0L;
int border = 0;
Random rand = new Random(); //Used for the random generator
static int SIZE = 50; //SIZE*SIZE grid
static int BLOCK_SIZE = 10; //Size of every piece on grid
public boolean[][] grid = new boolean[SIZE][SIZE];
private int[][] change = new int[SIZE][SIZE];
private Thread animator;
private int delay;
private boolean running;
Color a = new Color (0, 255, 0); //Starting background/true color
Color b = new Color (0, 0, 0); //Starting false color
Color red = new Color(255, 0, 0);
Color green = new Color( 0, 255, 0);
Color blue = new Color( 0, 0, 255);
Color black = new Color( 0, 0, 0);
Color white = new Color(255, 255, 255);
Color yellow= new Color(255, 255, 0);

boolean remove = false; //Used for keypress 'q' option

public GameofLi

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{ }

//randomize() gives every spot on grid true/false value
public void randomize()
for (int a=0; a<SIZE; a++)
{ for (int b=0; b<SIZE; b++)
grid[a][b] = rand.nextBoolean();
} } }

//Called when 't' is pressed,
//clears the screen.
public void clear()
for (int a=0; a<SIZE; a++)
for (int b=0; b<SIZE; b++)
grid[a][b] = false;
} } }

public void init()
delay = 100;
running = false;
} // init

public void start()
animator = new Thread(this);
} //start

// Deconstructor for Thread
public void stop()
animator = null;
} // stop

public void run() {
while (Thread.currentThread() == animator)
if (running == true)
} //if
} catch (InterruptedException e) {
} //try catch
} //while
} //run

//This checks to see how many
//true values border each individual.
public void neighbors()

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No, Victoria! Murder is bad! ...but torture is the answer to everything. Except time travel. And World War III.




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Uh... I can explain.

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@Joe_Larson how'd you do that? Seriously, I can't see stats on how I voted anymore?


If you want to see how many times a user has voted, just change the username in the URL.

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@Joe_Larson they should put that feature back into the new site. thanks though

I disagree. I think that seeing a user has voted NW a certain amount of times would persuade some users to NW that user's posts more often. Though it wouldn't hurt to display how many times a user has voted in total.

Not gonna lie, I looked up the statistics on votes for like... 40 different users.

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Affects of the ancient Greek Geography
Greece is very mountainous and surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea with many, many islands. The places where the civilizations grew the best was by the coast where the land was fertile and perfect for farming. They could also get fish from the nearby ocean. Greece is located next to the Mediterranean Sea, which is in the right next to many other countries and an ideal place for trade routes.
Since most cities and states in Greece are isolated from each other, considering all the islands, they were more independent and learned to develop their own laws and political affairs. In ancient Greece, mountains were used as borders between the mainland cities and states.

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No... Not necessarily.

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@__________ No... Not necessarily.

Effect is a noun, to affect is a verb. Does that clarify it?

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@Effect is a noun, to affect is a verb. Does that clarify it?

Effect can also mean 'To bring out an affect,' just as affect has a second meaning similar to 'effect'. It was a tool implemented by the forefathers of the English language to effect confusion in amateur Grammar Nazis.

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254836837 - .....idk wtf it means.


What is that I don't even...

I can dance..You just ain't seen mah moves.


if you called me at 2:30am i would:
[] Get Madd!! >.<
[x] ignore >:/ :P
[] answer :D
[x] answer it and say "Get a life!!!" D:< and hang up

if you asked me out i would:
[] accept ♥
[] maybe
[x] reject No offense xD
[] laugh
[] i don't know

if we walked home i would:
[] hold your hand ♥ ♥
[x] talk to you about stuff
[x] push you in a bush (;
[] trip you & laugh

if you kissed me i would:
[] kiss you back ♥
[] laugh &' smile
[x] be shocked ;o
[] blush
[] walk away

you are:
[] pretty :)
[] amazing !
[prettyamazing,getit?] cuuute [;
[] alright .
[x] sweet [:
[x] nice

you should:
[] give me your #.
[x] put this as your status , so i can like it.
[] text me
[x] stop being a stranger


P my p key is broken


My life is so exciting.

Awktober is your favorite month because it just goes with your personality. ...I was posting this to someones facebook

...so then I'd just be like, HA, I shot you - with MANHOOD!
But seriously, though, wouldn't it be fun to have a motorcycle with a sidecar?

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@shadowmario580 1-985-655-2500

I'm tempted to call and see what happens.

@TristantheGreat I'm tempted to call and see what happens.

Don't. Thats my #.

I don't know you, wtf.

JayKays. It's probably some old dude masturbating to online child porn.

@shadowmario580 1-985-655-2500

That's the rick roll number.

@mooie22 That's the rick roll number.

Yeah some girl asked for phone numbers on her facebook so I gave her this number

If u guys rent an rv I'm attaching my car to it

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I was showing my friend this ._.

"So, do you realize we're 3 days away from having been dating for 5 months? :).Report ·
10:30pm yes i do :) i love you <3"

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I knooooow! I would have come in if I knew :( and they were like ordering latte machines apparently?!? Like what is this!

  • ¿Qué puede hacer la gente para estar más sana?
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Roses are red, 
Violets are blue. 
I have a gun. 
Get in the van.

Was not expecting that...

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Hahaha, I can't post mine. It was a video of the man who injected his private area with silicone for 6 years.

What mass of nitric acid is required for the production of 10.6 g of nitroglycerin by a process having an

Ne vous déteste quand vous obtenez dans le van et de réaliser qu'il n'ya pas de bonbons?

너희들은 모두 내 물건 빨아 수 있으며, 스타 크래프트 2 게임에서 내 엉덩이에 구멍을 먹고 하키

honestly couldn't tell you where the fuck this came from.
maybe in my sleep i turn into a japanese speaking alter ego or something..

"In Russia; semicolons misuse you."

...Okay then...


I have no idea why. I don't know anyone named Amelia. O.o I feel like this would be a lot more interesting on my computer. I'm on my phone right now

If I stub my toe on that pot of gold one more time, I’m telling that leprechaun he can’t hide it under my desk anymore.

Hahahaha me and colton saw a girl giving some guy head in their car today!!

wowwww... i love me.

YouTube video thumbnail

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True. Very true. It's also not as awesome as making random symbols on the keyboard by yourself like this:
And I would know, because I'm awesome.

stoop kid<3

i don't even remember.

kinda making me hope i die earlier than the others

(this was something my friend said. He was talking about who would get his journals when he died. i was a little worried when he sent it so i copied it to say "......?????")

Ooh, and that commercial thingy about Miroku and his wind tunnel being like a human vaccum? I actually watched that episode last night! I LOVE that episode! Especially the part where Sango's drunk and goes up to InuYasha and is all, "Forget about these guys; let's get out of here." And InuYasha is all, "What 'cha talkin' about?" I watched that part like five times before watching the rest of the episode. It. Was. SO. FUNNY! Still can't believe Kagome sat him like that though, it's not like he was DOING anything; it was all Sango. Still pretty damn funny, though...

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Was doing research for a paper.

"It's just a waist of energy and time. "

hah....i was copying a sentence to show my friend the er
horrendous....grammar mistak

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"Don't make me blow a stream of gentle air into your ear. >.>"

Good times~

When people put the spoons/forks in the wrong section of the utensil separator.

Well, it is rather annoying.

Yea she prob just tired..

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‘JS Collage Wing x 2NE1

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_______ has __ apples up on top!

Im very confuzed...

Well done!!! I'm so proud of you!

After my boyfriend finally was able to take a nap during the daytime. Lol he's weird.

A husband went to buy a birthday gift for his wife. Some friends had been invited over that night to celebrate her fortieth, and he wanted to get something special. At the store he spotted some cute little music boxes. One blue one was playing "Happy Birthday."

Thinking they were all the same, he chose a red one and had it gift-wrapped. Later, at dinner, he gave it to his wife and asked her to open it...

When she lifted the lid, out came the tune to "The Old Gray Mare, She Ain't What She Used to Be!"

The divorce will be final in six months..

YouTube video thumbnail

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The state sport of Maryland is Jousting

Anonymous +5Reply

purple mosquitoes

Cadence, change of tempo, rhetorical analysis of one stanza.

Happy Makayla! Have a great day! :D

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Bouncing and playing a game.


I'd probably have killed myself already if I drove a bike. Also... Wearing skirts or dressed would be a bit tricky.

17 October 2011
wow im boring...

Hey I just got your message about how you can't receive texts. That sucks ): what are you gonna do about it?

What did the 14 year old girl from the Jersey Shore say to her dad when she lost her virginity?

"Get off me, you're crushing my marlboros"

adventures of ra
no ideawhat that is...

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Bro I'm so drunk rifht now can you plck me up btw I got laid Wow I'm a douche when I drink

i was gonna participate in this, but that would require me permitting my teacher's email adress to be exposed.

so shoot.

"I don't think my father, the inventor of toaster strudels, would be too pleased to hear about this."

Avigdor Zahner-Isenberg

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well you should do it everyday, soo, wut r you doing??

i had copied my last txt msg to send it again haha

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مين سمير

lol :)

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"The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World." The Museum of UnNatural Mystery. Web. 19 Oct. 2011.

Putting together a bibliography for my speech today (like a boss)

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This comment was deleted by its author.

I actually got an A, after procrastinating for weeks and doing the entire thing last night

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MISSION STATEMENTThe Miller Place Union Free School District’s mission is to educate all students to their fullest potential by providing opportunities for learning that are challenging and effective. The education will enable all students to master the knowledgeable skills, strategies

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I don't know why I drew this, but it's art - sometimes you don't need a reason

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YouTube video thumbnail

Anonymous +3Reply

YouTube video thumbnail

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• No foreigners are allowed to come to Japan
o Sailors lost at sea end up in Japan, they are killed

To all you 12 year old fangirls that wants him to marry em.

He doesn't even know you exist.

(I'm pretty sure my sister copied this... and it's about Justin Bieber. xD )

so it was just me and tongue and we went to to to the shoppette


"False information" spelled backwards is "False information", amirite?

Was sharing with Facebook friends.

Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen


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Fireside Christian Academy
school name

runnerdudes avatar runnerdude Yeah You Are +2Reply
@runnerdude Fireside Christian Academy school name

Well this sure makes things easier...

Anonymous +42Reply
@Well this sure makes things easier...

Where's Chris_Hansen when you need him?

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Anonymous +2Reply

i have to do my other one still, i've only got the right one XD

◦Read grade-level text orally with accuracy, appropriate rate, and expression.

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Got a lot of hmw?

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Text/Materials needed for the week:
Poetry packets
3 Ring Binders - T - W - R - F
MONDAY: October 17

TUESDAY: October 18
Lesson: Discuss the poetry packet
Continue Discussion and grading session on phrases
Preview on Diagramming Phrases

WEDNESDAY: October 19
Lesson: Grammar - Diagramming Phrases
Assignment: TBA due to what we will be able to cover in class

THURSDAY: October 20
Lesson: Grammar -Review Assignment from Wednesday

FRIDAY: October 21
Lesson: Test on Diagramming Sentences - Simple and those sentences with phrases
Assignment: Journal #5 Due on Monday - Write about a memorable experience you have had in nature. - Yes, that does require that you have spent time in nature.
Assign On: 10/13/2011
Due: 10/21/2011

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we saw each other in the morning, later in the courtyard, then we have 3rd and 4th together. 

and some lawyer at lunch threatened to sue me for killing someone, but he had no proof because my sword was bloodless. and Harry Potter tapped me on the shoulder on the way back to class, held up his wand, and said, "You wanna go?!!"
I don't know either one of them.

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Dillon Needledick got arrested for posession! :D lawll

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I like your vagina ;)

APIB English Literature and Composition
Major Works Data Sheet
Title: The Glass Menagerie
Author: Tennessee Williams
Date of Publication: 1944 (premiere)
Genre: Drama, Memory Drama
Biographical information about the author: Williams lived a long and hard life. Born in Mississippi to a once wealthy and prestigious family (once politically successful, they had now collapsed into a shadow of what-has-been). Many of his struggles manifested as components of his key works. He became very close to his sister Rose growing up, who suffered from mental illness and anxiety. It was her that Williams modeled the character “Laura” after from The Glass Menagerie after. Growing up, Williams struggled with success in what his parents deemed and their demand for him to drop out also greatly impacted his life, leaving him at a shoe company doing menial work and not following his own desires, writing and journalism, for another 3 years. This paralleled the struggles that Tom (The Glass Menagerie) also struggled with. These events, as well as his struggles with addiction, mental disease, social repercussions of his homosexuality and other components of his life led to his inclusion of themes of...

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@jordanhefner APIB English Literature and Composition Major Works Data Sheet Title: The Glass Menagerie Author: Tennessee...

I remember doing MWDS! I loved it because it was like the only class that my group was as motivated as me to do well on assignments.

Written Instructions for Taekwondo ITF Form 12 (Gae-Baek)

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i tried this.. turns out I haven't copied or pasted anything

what's green and has wheels?

Tehehe... This is my favorite joke.
It's grass, I lied about the wheels!

Some words and phrases indicate specific time frames, and therefore signal the use of the preterite.

ayer (yesterday)
anteayer (the day before yesterday)
anoche (last night)
desde el primer momento (from the first moment)
durante dos siglos (for two centuries)
el otro día (the other day)
en ese momento (at that moment)
entonces (then)
esta mañana (this morning)
esta tarde (this afternoon)
la semana pasada (last week)
el mes pasado (last month)
el año pasado (last year)
hace dos días, años (two days, years ago)
ayer por la mañana (yesterday morning)
ayer por la tarde (yesterday afternoon)

[Review This Topic]

Other words and phrases indicate repetitive, vague or non-specific time frames, and therefore signal the use of the imperfect.

a menudo (often)
a veces (sometimes)
cada día (every day)
cada semana (every week)
cada mes (every month)
cada año (every year)

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ = Making a study guide for a spanish test lol. Forgot about this.

@CBbasketball Some words and phrases indicate specific time frames, and therefore signal the use of the preterite. ayer...

hehehe both of ours are spanish..:

Los estudiantes cantan en ___. (el coro/la orquesta)
Lin prefiere tocar ___, un instrumento de metal grande. (el saxofón/el piano)
Consuelo aprende a tocar ___, un instrumento pequeño de madera. (el tambor/el violín)
A Vera y a Carlos les gustan los deportes y por eso practican ___. (las canciones/las artes marciales)
Nos gusta escribir para ___ de la escuela. (el contrabajo/el periódico)
Antes de terminar el año escolar, algunos estudiantes preparan ___. (las clases/el anuario)

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OMG! Yes I love it! He's like hi I'm ur blind spot......ur good....and lady screams and she's like aaHhhhhhhh and he's alll muahahahahhahahahhaha in slow moh!!!!Fave commercial by far.

@makeup_nerd http://www.clymer.com/Book.aspx...e%2C+1990-1998

Just want you to know,
My dad walked in while that was loading..

Sorry for caps, but thats exactly what he said.

inb4 someone else says it to me:

@makeup_nerd http://www.clymer.com/Book.aspx...e%2C+1990-1998


I must fufill the inb4 prophecy!

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"@FanUltra: Hoy fué un día "Black" cierto "Berry"? Dear Blackberry!
Twitter for BlackBerry® • 10/12/11 10:25 PM

the tightrope walker song by david gorham

YouTube video thumbnailno idea what this link is...

And late night talks :')


2312D9C. <-- I don't even know

4.5" h.
Wheel-thrown stoneware. Masked flashing slips and sprayed glazes. Soda fired to c. 10 in reduction.

(standing in line at attention with Rachel pacing. Strangely reminiscent of the fairy dust training scene)
Rachel : This is it, people! The big day. The last chance to show me you can earn your wings.
Holly: And that doesn't mean you're becoming a bird, Sara. Ugh, this is such a pain for us in the airport.
Halie: But Holly, Christmas! It's the BEST time of the year. I don't know if there'll be snow, but-
Shayla: Halie! The politically correct term is holiday season. Now be quiet, we're already 10 seconds behind on Rachel's speech.
Rachel: Thank you. Now, as I was saying, your flight attendant wings are everything. Once you have them, you can reach for the stars. Be the pilot of your future. Every cloud will have a silver lining. The sky is your limit!
Unfortunately, a few of us will be grounded for the evening due to some irresponsible actions.
Alyssa: Please say it's me please say it's me.
Rachel: Alyssa, no. You have to do this flight, after finally recovering from your 3 month flu. Sara and Holly!
Sara: Whaaaat...?
Holly: I knew it.
Rachel: You two will be running the kiosk tonight. Sara, when a passenger tells you it's stuffy in the cabin, the correct response is NOT

Alyssas avatar Alyssa Yeah You Are +1Reply
@__________ Not WHAT?!?!?!?

It cut off the rest of my comment, but it was
Rachel: You two will be running the kiosk tonight. Sara, when a passenger tells you it's stuffy in the cabin, the correct response is NOT to open a window.

It's part of a scene I wrote for a local play.

Alyssas avatar Alyssa Yeah You Are +1Reply

Johnny Galecki

Yeah my Mom just told me the guy who plays leonard in The Big Bang Theory was in Roseanne with the woman that plays Leslie Winkle (i already knew that she was in it though), I had to see what he looked like in it!

"All women cry for no reason," was all his dad could say.

The little boy grew up and became a man, still wondering why women cry.


essay for language arts. wow. im interesting.


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This user has deactivated their account.

Well, you'really a web developer, so yeah, it usually makes me think of you.

__________s avatar __________ Yeah You Are 0Reply
This comment was deleted by its author.

Java is unrelated to web development. I think you're thinking of JavaScript.

Maybe it would feel better if you slowed down. And dip it in chocolate, everything is better with chocolate.

Anonymous +1Reply

Bicameral: A legislature made up of two houses.
Adjourn: To suspend until next session. The Congress adjourns their session and does not meet again with each other until the next year.

Proof that James Madison considered Congress to be the most important branch comes from one of the Federalist Papers, No. 51. In this paper he says that in a republic, the legislative authority “predominates.” This is why he himself favored a bicameral legislature.

The framers of the Constitution got the idea of a bicameral legislature from the British Parliament. They knew the system well, so it made sense to adopt it. Having a bicameral legislature was practical because it made all of the states happy by having a House for the states with large population and a senate with two representatives for each state to even things out. Theoretically, a two house legislature was also to be helpful in regard to checks and balances within the Congr

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public void paintComponent(Graphics g) {

Graphics2D brush = (Graphics2D) g;

System.out.println("cartoon value = " + _cartoon);

@__________ What's the code do?

It's supposed to override the paintComponent method in java swing, but I'm having some trouble (hence the system.out.println)

@__________ Oh, I meant all of it, not just the pasted.

Haha I realized a little late. What's yours for?

@ender Haha I realized a little late. What's yours for?

Cellular automata, I was sending a friend the code. I think this one's the Game of Life.

__________s avatar __________ Yeah You Are 0Reply
@__________ What's the code do?

Oh, and the end product is just a picture that can move around with Sliders. Not very exciting (class assignment)

So how does this work? Do I pay you or something?

My Omegle chat phrase

Anonymous +1Reply

YouTube video thumbnail

StarGazers avatar StarGazer Yeah You Are +1Reply

vt(r) + v2/2a
wow i'm boring...

"Hehe Asian parents don't want their daughter to date a black man cuz if they get married their child will be.... BLACK AND YELLOW!!!! UH HUH U KNOW WHAT IT IS"

Anonymous +1Reply

AP Psychology Midterm- 2012 Jordan Fodale

Multiple Choice: Each of the questions or incomplete statements if followed by four or five suggested answers. Select the one that is best in each case.

1.The ability to choose specific stimuli to learn about, while filtering our or ignoring other information, is called
a.selective attention
b.subliminal perception

2.A two-year-old child is frightened by a small dog. A few weeks later the same child sees a cat and becomes frightened. The child’s reaction is most likely an example of which of the following?
a.stimulus discrimination
b.second-order conditioning
c.stimulus generalization
d.sensory preconditioning
e.spontaneous recovery

3.A person who has a brain injury is having difficulty seeing and hearing. These symptoms indicate that damage has occurred in the
a.parietal and occipital lobes
b.occipital and temporal lobes
c.frontal and temporal lobes
d.temporal lobe only
e.frontal lobe only

4.A student participates in a month-long sleep study designed to examine free-running circadian rhythms. If all time cues are removed, the student’s total sleep-wake cycle is likely to

runnerdudes avatar runnerdude Yeah You Are +1Reply

"ITS REALLY ONLY TOM HIDDLESTON. And kinda David Tennant. And probably eventually Benedict Cumberbatch"

@DoctorWhat "ITS REALLY ONLY TOM HIDDLESTON. And kinda David Tennant. And probably eventually Benedict Cumberbatch"

I would do that if I could. I watch Netflix on my 3DS & it buffers, so eventually I give up.
But you can never have too much Who. Never.

@DoctorWhat "ITS REALLY ONLY TOM HIDDLESTON. And kinda David Tennant. And probably eventually Benedict Cumberbatch"

I just watched all of season 3 today. All of it. In one day. I need help.

@DoctorWhat "ITS REALLY ONLY TOM HIDDLESTON. And kinda David Tennant. And probably eventually Benedict Cumberbatch"

Agreed. Today I was going to try and watch less of it but now I'm like, "fuck it, this show is a drug."

YouTube video thumbnails was actually pretty hilarious.

Tell me what you want from me now, because I can't believe I'm still around. xXx They say that I am worthless, but I'M NOT LISTENING! xXx

Yay facebook status'! haha

Ishmael and his student have been examining things in society that humans are so accustomed to that they ignore them.
We live in Los Angeles. We’ve all seen tourists walking around the city, taking pictures of random signs, buildings, and mansions. When you take a second look at these things, you realize that they are extraordinary, and we do take them for granted. Just like these objects, we ignore the values that are constantly being shoved down our throats. We hear these values daily, they’re constantly in the backs of our minds, humming in our ears. These values are things that we’ve come to accept as fact, such as “everyone makes mistakes” or “we all need an income source to survive.” These are things that seem obvious to us, but if we went to another planet with an entirely different ideology, we’d be astounded by it.

English homework FTW.

thats pretty good! just a few things....
freaked out needs a comma after it

when the voice says do not walk away i think you might want to make the character a little more scared.....


mini dart is a little wierd in a spooky story, you could use a knife or something

brushing my teeth needs a comma after it

but other than that its really good.

Cudos to whoever copied this.

I mean really, what horror story is right without some commas, random voices, and mini darts?

George Packer, Coming Apart: A Decade of Missed Opportunities (September 30, 2011)\

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Black Veil Brides

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I think I need to sleep

If you lose to Chopin in the final battle, he wakes up in the real world.

Aww I have nothing to paste :/

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Because you chose the path of  an overachieving, college bound senior instead of a slacker, skimming by, community college bound senior. This path is cruel and unforgiving. 

If you asked me how im doing, I would say im doing just fine. I would lie and say that you're not on my mind..</3

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어쭈 이제야 친추하네ㅋㅋㅋ

DDL Construction is building a rectangular house that is 16 feet longer than it is wide. A rain gutter is to be installed in four sections around the 136-foot perimeter of the house. What lengths should be cut for the four sections?

okay so.. so far I have 2(x+16)(2x)=136..
then i distributed the 2 to the x+16
so now it looks like (2x+32)(2x)=136
then i foiled the left side to look like this: 4x2 + 64x = 136
and that's where i'm stuck at

Helping my friend out with PreCalc on Skype.. :)

@MM3315 DDL Construction is building a rectangular house that is 16 feet longer than it is wide. A rain gutter is to be...

You set one side equal to zero.
4x2 + 64x - 136
Factor out the 4.
4(x2 + 16x - 34)

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"If you love me, let me know. If not please gently let me go"

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I'd be lying if I said that I'm not terrified.
How the hell can I do as they say, and take this all in stride?
Does this come with an instruction book?
If so I need to have a look.
Just stay quiet, Breathe deep, Breathe out, Breathe slow.
Don't say a word.
Let our eyes speak and they will tell you...
I'm a fool with dreams

Part of my favorite song :)
Fool with Dreams, by Framing Hanley


It's funny how most music today is about how much the guy wants to hook up with you, when all the Beatles wanted to do was hold your hand

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Yay its a link to watch the latest Modern Family Episode^

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I don't like roller coasters..
You make me feel like I'm on one all the time.

You lift me up really high, then drop me.

I can't get off.

My secret?

I love you.


I have no idea..

That's from sixbillionsecrets.com
I didn't post it and I'm not really sure why it was copy/pasted.

Out of all lesser betters, you shall find;
And we, who have learned greatness from you, we,
Your lovers, with a still, contented mind,
See you well anchored in some port of rest.

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i was showing my friend how this girl gets a zillion likes looking like crap, and how the hell can i start pulling that off??

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--found this on StumbleUpon, I laughed my ass off!

It is better to have all criminals in prison than the lesser ones in prison, some great ones dead and some of the greater ones free.

writing a paper on the death penalty.

@Wow. Your paper needs some editing.

I know. It was late when I wrote it, but it still made mroe sense in context.

He said it not me, how does he know ny way?...

--lol yea it wouldnt send

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Now stop the platform close enough that you can jump down to that room with the dispenser button (don't jump down yet) and there's a portal wall at the same

... Was giving instructions to Portal 2 XD

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Is that Neil?

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@__________ Is that Neil?

What? No.... It's Kevin Zegers and zac efron.... They totally look the same. I was betting with a friend about who was I what movie and I lost.


Someone told me to add them on pottermore.
So that's theirs.

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vote for my puppy Leela so I can get free doggy food for a year :D

I was chatting with my mom and didn't feel like re-typing it to my friend Megan.

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oh yeah, i was on this story sharing site, figmnet, and someone had made a trailer of the story they had written, and i copyed it to watch the vid :)

Blackberry P'9981

Gatorade Is the Antichrist

i def don't remember copying that.

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The first crisis began mid- January of 1691 when two girls began to experience fits that were soon tied to witchcraft.

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I went anonymous because I'm too embarrassed to let people know I like this song...

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Wow thats exciting...

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ooh, nothing. how exciting :D

The world isn't ready to see me in a bikini just yet.


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Un tigre ne proclâme pas sa tigritude, il saute sur sa proie

I hardly speak French. :/

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I want to lick his abs.

I donk't even know...

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I will be putting together a photo album for Natali as a parting gift. If you have any photos of yourself, Natali, or any event that you want her to remember, send them to me by Friday, July 6th. I will have them developed and put the album together.

Image in content

I don't know.

Rainymood.com + http://losshackacoustic.wix.com/music=
best sleep EVER

you are welcome.


"Jerome Jerome Jerome Jerome Jerome Jerome Jerome Jerome Jerome Jerome Jerome Jerome Jerome Jerome Jerome Jerome Jerome Jerome Jerome Jerome Jerome Jerome Jerome Jerome"
...There are no words.

Select a teacher and write a 1 page double spaced speech that convinces them of something. Please emply the rhetorical devices that you have learned in your speech. You will be expected to read it aloud in class tomorrow.


Um. Well... homework loopholes ya know?

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the style network

         God isn’t real, right? So that means God never changes. He has a constant rate of zero helpfulness. Instead of helpfulness I’m going to call it luck. So God is like a luck charm. He doesn’t actually give luck but people think he does, so they wear God like a luck charm. Since their luck is the exact same whether they’re wearing the charm or not, the charm cannot let them down. It’s always there while simultaneously never being there. Since he brings no luck, he can’t bring bad or good.

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i cant right click and paste, im on a macbook...

@Oodles_O_Noodles Command c to copy Command v to paste

i know, but you can't right click! whatever im a dbag

This user has deactivated their account.

I have a regular macbook though. I get the point though, you can click with two fingers or do command c and command v to copy and paste. I was just being a smart ass and saying there is no actual right button on a mouse to click.

PS: Hi Anthony!

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ahhh i stand corrected. Thank you for enlightening me. I've only had a macbook for 2 months now so I'm still learning.

PS: Can I get post of the day?
PPS: Does asking for post of the day automatically make people want to crucify me?
PPPS: I was kidding about post of the day, contrary to what my -23 comment might make you think I am not an obnoxious person.

@KateJoseph28 i know, but you can't right click! whatever im a dbag

I don't know what type of Mac you're using, but you should be able to right click on all Macs.

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