You can't describe color. Try it. Try describing the color 'Blue' like you would to a blind person who has never seen the world before. You can't figure out how, amirite?

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I'm blue da ba di da da do

Blue is... blue

Yeah, a blind person's not going to magically know what blue looks like because you told a sad poem about it.

i could do it via physics. It has a certain wavelength/frequency that non-blind people's brains interpret in a certain way, which we all assume for the sake of sanity is the same for everyone. But this leads back to the, "what if that guy's blue is my orange" posts.

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It's soothing and gives gives a cool/calm feeling. Whereas, red is a 'hot colour' often used to describe temper.

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blue is...
beautiful. its fresh and vibrant, but also calming. its soothing and invigorating, and (in my opinion) its brings joy

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So all of these people trying to be poetic and describe these colors as emotions, just stop it. Colors are not emotions and emotions are not colors.

I'm favouriting this just for the comments... epic lols

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i use green as calm

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blue is one of the most overused colors. everybody likes the color blue, unlike others such as orange, or yellow.

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blue is sadness, when you feel like giving up and you just want to drown in a forgotten world.

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blue is when you dont do something right and get scolded, when someone or something breaks you. its the feeling of crying.

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