In the next 6 years, the Lakers will play the Heat in the NBA finals at least 4 times, amirite?

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In a little less than 3 years , this post will be proven incorrect.

In ten years, I'll be turning 33.

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Nah cause the NBA will still be locked out in 6 years...

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Kobe is currently 33 years old. With his age as a factor, in about two years he will be on the decline. Unless the Lakers get another star to compensate for his age, there is no way the Lakers will make the championship at least four times.

The Thunder on the other hand led by the core of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook who are both 23 will be the reigning team in the West for the next decade.

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Yes, but how many years will it take for someone to care?

In the next 6 years, the Lakers and Heat will have played 0 games. Bazinga!

Oh and if Chris Paul goes to the Knicks like it's rumored, then Amare, Melo, And CP3 will challenge the Heat for the East.

y'all are crazy, cavs all da way!!1!

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