There are those times that you just get mad at a person and you can't pinpoint one exact reason why. It's a multitude of reasons that have just been piling up, so to others it looks like you're mad over nothing, when in reality you have a valid reason to be aggravated/angry. amirite?

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I know exactly what you mean. It's just the little things they say or do or how they respond to things, but when they confront you about why your so pissed at them, the only thing you can really say is "Well you just said some things I didn't like and ignored me..." Or something totally stupid like that.

Or like the episode of friends when Phoebe is mad at Ross but can't figure out why, until she realizes it was something he had said to her in her dream. Haha.

HOLY CRAP. Yes. Someone finally understands.

ur right about everything except the last part. you DO have something to be mad about.

OR when they make an excuse for things they did, when really you're just mad at them for doing it constantly and in general, not looking for a specific reason.


I do that to my mexicanfran all the time, then I won't talk to him for days. Then, after a week or two I can't remember why I got mad, so I starting gushing at him again and he always forgives me. :')

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