Popular kids accept that they are popular, jocks accept that they are a jock, nerds accept that they are a nerd, but why cant sluts accept that they are a slut? Amirite?

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Someone came to mind when you read the word slut, amirite?

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Just five minutes ago I saw a status update from a total Slutty McWhorebag and it was, "One minute of kissing burns 26 calories. No wonder those sluts are so damn skinny."

I was thinking, is that why your 90 pounds?

I agree with most of the post, but I used to go to a school with true nerds, like the academically gifted, and about half of the population didn't accept that they were nerds. They were all like "NAWH, I have friends and I'm social, so that means I'm not a nerd."

The people who say they're nerds usually aren't in comparison of academics.


Because a true slut can't admit it to herself.

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