Teenagers/young adults sag their pants. Adults wear their pants fitted at the waist. Older people wear their pants BEYOND their waist. To sum it up the younger they are the lower their pants are and the older they are the higher they go, amirite?

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The older a person is, the higher their pants are, amirite?

What is so hard about that?

I don't do this because I'm not mentally deficient.

In a few generations kids will be like : "Pants? Fuck those. I'm wearing underwear, right?"
And I pray to god they don't sag underwear.

High waisted shorts are back on style for teenage girls.. so not really.

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There are exceptions, so no. You make it seem like every young person starts with pants low and then they slowly go up as they get older.

I don't sag my pants but I also don't wear them on my hips. Yay for me for defeating a stereotype.

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