If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend that demands you to not be friends with your best friend anymore... they certainly aren't right for you. amirite?

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+ vice versa.

It's also possible that they have a really good reason. I'm not saying you should do it, but at least try to see both sides to the picture.

...especially if your best friend is their ex.

Yes! My best friend's ex did this, so glad they"ve broken up!

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pshh, my friend's boyfriend told her to stop talking to me and she did because "she didnt want to make him mad"

we were friends for 8 years.


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Like in "Friends", when Emily forces Ross to stop seeing Rachel.

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@Like in "Friends", when Emily forces Ross to stop seeing Rachel.

(Chandler):That's a little different considering Rachel was an ex. Completely understandable

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This literally just happened. Only he was an old best friend who I have barely talked to. :/

What if my ex is one of my good friends and my boyfriend wants me to stop talking to him, does that count ? /:

What if your gf is slowly turning into you best friend?

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