Don't tell me i don't know what love is. Juliet was 14 when she died for her love. amirite?

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Juliet was actually 13 when she died for her "love". And she did not LOVE Romeo, she was infatuated by him. She did not know anything about Romeo besides the fact that he "loved" her and that he was a Montague. So, if you are comparing your so called "love" to Juliet's, then you are not in love, just ignorant.

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Juliet was also fictitious.

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lust does not equal love.

People like you make us 14 year olds look bad

you are telling us to get a life? You are the one who posts opinions and judgements that you don't know anything about except basic details. So just relax!

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You don't know what love is. Neither do I. As Eminem said, "I don't know what love is. I just know what it feels like."

I assume, by your post AND your comments, that you are approximately 14 too...

Ditto on the above, not to mention that the play was written as a satire on gooey emotional plays of the time.

Yes, but don't follow Juliet's example: you'll have to kill yourself at the end.

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You can't forget their weirdo plan which involved sending an idiot messenger to tell romeo that Juliet faked her death so he wouldn't get upset, resulting in Romeo killing himself, resulting in Juliet killing herself.

And Romeo was like 4-5 years older than her, anyway. And a bad player.

Romeo and Juliet weren't in love, they were sex buddies, and even calling them "buddies" is a stretch since they only spoke to each other like 3 times in the whole course of their relationship.

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Yes, but you must realize: that was many years ago, when women got married around that age anyway.

this is probably the worst possible defense

This whole love story, if you think about it, took a course of over 3-4 days right? So its pretty stupid to kill yourself over someone you just met. Juliet is an idiot.

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In my opinion, who are you people to tel her anything about herself? if the girl believes she is in love, then let it be. I'm sure she's got her own reasons for believing what she has is love, and you have no idea who she is or what she might feel for her lover. you can disagree, sure, but no need to completely shit talk her and trash her hopes. if you think she's making a mistake then let fate treat her to her just desserts. It's not physical age that determines wisdom, it's mental maturity. You people seem full of yourselves telling this girl exactly what she is when you haven't even met her.

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Grow up a bit, wipe your drool, change your diaper,THEN you can get back online.

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Yikes, you post something wrong on amirite, BE PREPARED TO BE CORRECTED. And even if it's not wrong, people might /still/ post contrary opinions. This will happen a lot in life. Try not to take it personally, yeah? Learn from it and move it.


You can't write a quote and not credit the source. That, my dear, is plagiarism, and has gotten many amiriters before you NW'd

The second sentence was said by Carmen on George Lopez. Just sayin'.

What does Juliet have to do with YOU being in love? Just because she loved young doesn't mean you do, or don't.

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Yes, she did... in the 1500's!

Yes, she was 13, but closer to 14 than 13. And i'm sorry to offend you, i'll research next time if it makes you happy :DD

@stellar123 Yes, she was 13, but closer to 14 than 13. And i'm sorry to offend you, i'll research next time if it makes you...

You might want to actually read the play before posting this. If you didnt read the play, how do you know if she was closer in age to 14? also, what Romeo and Juliet had was not love...Juliet was Romeo's rebound. So it's barely a "lust story" and definitely not a love story.

im sorry. i dont really care, stfu.

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