If you were a teacher you would purposely make all the answers the same just to make your students paranoid, amirite?

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I have sooo many ideas for what I would do as a teacher. My favorite:
Me: Ok, I know this project was due today, but I'll let people turn it in and present it tomorrow. Now would anyone like to go today and get it over with?
A few people might go, but the majority would wait. I would write down the people who went.
Me: Ok. So that's everyone? Great. OH! By the way, if you go tomorrow you need to present while dancing.

I don't want to be a teacher though.

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I heard a story about this teacher who would make all of the answers on every test "B". Then, on one test, the teacher made every answer "C" and so many people got every question wrong.

I had a history teacher who would make the whole front page of random tests have the letter "D" as the answer. Confused the heck out of people!

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I would if we had multiple choice questions, but I'm nearly done secondary school and I've never had a single one in my life, so...

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My Bio teacher told us he has considered this more than once.
But he said he world change one question to a different letter.

itd b even greater if they realized the pattern and they just fill in that letter for the reast of the test but u just change one of them to b a different letter

I have though this soooo many times!!!!!!!!

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