It is really annoying when sombody says that they hate vegetables. Some, like cucumbers and lettuce, have barely any flavor at all, amirite?

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It's not just about taste. Some don't like the texture.

Cucumbers aren't vegetables, last time I checked they have seeds, so they are technically fruits.

I like alot of vegetables, but if I don't like something, it's usually because of the texture and not the taste. Unless it's just a really disgusting taste.

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some people hate veggies because they think they're supposed to, since they've held a grudge against veggies their whole life (as a result of being forced to eat them when they were a child)

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It taste WAY MUCH better with dips.

I hate the vast majority of veggies, then.

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Well I just hate the ones that have no taste... There's nothing to make you want to eat it, and it's just boring... I like all the vegetables that do taste of something. :)

Oh, I hate cucumbers. But if you put enough ranch dressing on anything, it'll TASTE good, and you're bound to find one vegetable that has a texture you can deal with.

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I hate cucumbers...

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Cucumbers are so fucking good.

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I hate the texture of lettuce.. Not the taste.

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They really do have taste. I love cucumbers but I hate lettcue because it taste horriable. I know most people will say "noooo!!! It so does not have any taste! It is like water." I personally think they have a taste so lets not argue an pointless argument

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