The only things bigger in Texas are their egos, amirite?

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I live in Texas...no one seems to have a big ego.

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Yea I live in Texas, we don't go around bragging about it. I am proud about living in Texas but everyone should be proud about their state.

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The only thing with a big ego is YOU.

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Like everywhere, Texas has people with big egos, but there are people who don't.
Please explain to my why you believe this.

Gr... i'm from texas and I have increbially low self confidence, I'm 85 lbs, and frankly I find this offensive.

Yeah, I live in Texas too and really, no one has a giant ego...

Yeah I live in Texas too, we don't have giant egos.

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I don't even live in TX, but we have great family friends there. None of them have big egos. Sterotype much?

what's leslie? That's my name haha.. &i live in texas too:)

It's a joke based on "Everything is bigger in Texas." Chill. If people from any other state said something like that, we'd be making fun of them too.

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And the cars. Everyone drives huge SUVs or trucks.


i just moved to texas before school started, and on the first day of school i got bitten by a spider.
oh, i also got bitten by one a week ago.
but the mosquitos are even bigger...shudders

People are taking this too personally, it's just a joke about a stereotype.

its a joke, chill.

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At least we're not like pathetic Illinois, where people get pissed if you pronounce it "illinoise" ;)

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The only things bigger in texas, are their eggos. ;)

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Wow, geez, a lot of offended Texans here. Like ThatDylanGuy said, it's a play on words, I'm not saying every single Texan has a big ego. Chill the fuck out.

I've been visiting relatives in TX my entire life. The egos there are comparatively enormous. Exactly what are they over-compensating for?

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Texans have big hearts. Not just big egos.

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