Communism is good in theory but doesn't work in practice, amirite?

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It doesn't work in theory or in practice. It has good GOALS, but it's a bad solution.

@LordThundercunt No, it does work in theory.

How? Communism fails in theory because human greed will ensure that people won't work hard when there's no incentive and nothing will get produced. Some past communist dictators have tried to get around this by brainwashing the population into working hard, but any semi-successful present-day communist country has had to add in a bunch of laws to get around this (which make it no longer pure communism). If anything, you could say it's failed less in practice than in theory.

I believe that if humans weren't so selfish communism would work better than democracy.

On a small scale it would, say a small community TAKING CARE OF EACH OTHER. Im not talking about large scale though, that would not work. I think elements of communism can coexist with other systems. Like having a teeny bit of communism wont kill us-like its better to have someone in the middle of the political spectrum rather than all the way left or all the way right. Capitalism fuels greed and reduces empathy for other human beings-one would do anything to push others down if they can get higher. Money corrupts, though we need it to survive-basically all the evil, nasty, bloody things happening in the world are because of money.

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Neither does capitalism, indecently. Well, it works, but not as expected or desired.

Communism provides no incentive for betterment within individuals.

It's not just about the money, it's also about laziness...


Except maybe the part about the proletariat (middle/working class) killing every (and I do mean EVERY) member of the bourgeoisie (rich upper class), no religion, and no private property.

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@Except maybe the part about the proletariat (middle/working class) killing every (and I do mean EVERY) member of...

Well right now at this moment, its the upper class that's killing the middle/working class. selfish bastard.

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Oh my god, what a coincidence! We just said the same sentence about enzyme activity and substrate/enzyme concentration in class today. This graph is good in theory, but doesn't work in practice! Awesomeeeee

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