There is no such thing as bad pizza, amirite?

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Trust me, there is. I once went to this funky small pizza place with my brother. We adventurously decided to try the "vegetarian everything in the kitchen special". It had all kinda of things on it including canned peaches, and sauerkraut. We kinda asked for that to happen, though. I don't even know why they offered it.

One word: Anchovies.

At first I agreed, but then I thought what if they put poop on your pizza.

Lol. Ever eaten Dominoes? Hahahahaha

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i totally wasn't expecting this to go into the negatives, let alone so far down. I've been knocked off the first page of the community section, badtimes

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Herpes pizza.

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@Coday Herpes pizza.


What about a pizza with chopped up orphans on it? Do you really want to eat chopped up orphans on a pizza, and then say it was 'good'? Because I wouldn't want to. Don't eat orphans, people.

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Donatos pizza is crap.

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