Magic School Bus > Bill Nye the Science Guy, amirite?

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two words explains why nye is the gut: theme song

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I feel so devided...

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This is way too hard to decide. What have I ever done to you?! ):

no way man, bill nye was just too awesome

it's close, but I still gotta say Bill Nye was where it was attt.

I expect this to be HEATED. ;)

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I'm waiting for the debate...

I liked Bill Nye's explanations better.

This is a tough one =/

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I don't think I'll be able to vote on this.

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There was always the awesome music videos at the end of Bill Nye! Everybody knew the words to the theme song too.

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Magic School bus! How could anyone, NOT like Ms. Frizzle?!

fangirl12s avatar fangirl12 Yeah You Are +1Reply

magic school bus!

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I can't decide! this is the hardest decision ive had to make in a long time...

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The only thing I liked about Bill Nye was the theme song, but I also liked Magic School Bus's jazzy theme song even better, so Magic School Bus all the way. :D

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ooo bring on the heated debate!

but seriously this is WAY too hard to decide...they are both just so..amazing

I really can't decide right now... I mean Magic School Bus has Ms. Frizzle, the school bus and Arnold! But Bill Nye is a science guy and completely amazing. I can't choose... If there were only an = button.

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What is this even?

NEGATIVES? Bill Nye over Ms. Frizzle?!


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I've never even heard of Bill Nye the Science guy, so definitely magic school bus.

Kaitlyns avatar Kaitlyn Yeah You Are 0Reply

School Bus is stupid.

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