when you were little and you heard the expression "round of applause" you would picture people clapping in a circular fashion, amirite?

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we actually had to clap in a circle at my elementary school...LOL

@Bethanytheravenclaw haha same!

then i went to a new school n i guess they didnt have to do that bc at an assembly i started to clap in a circle n everyone looked at me like what the shit is this girl doing... xD

i still picture people clapping in a circle...

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Hahah i remember having a teacher who did that too

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Whenever it was somebody's birthday, my elementary school gym teacher would make everyone "Give them a hand!" (Everyone claps) "A ROUND of applause!" (Everyone claps in a circular motion) "And a double clap!" (Everyone claps twice). I will never forget that.

My first grade teacher had us clap in a circular motion. Confused me so much!

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