Someone really needs to find out what the appendix is for, amirite?

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It used to be for being able to consume raw meat in ancient times. Now its useless because we cook all of our food.

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It's also used as a temporary storage place for good bacteria used for breaking down food in your digestive system. When you get sick, your bacteria is stored in your appendix so it isn't forced out of your body along with puke (or diarrhea). If you get your appendix taken out, the worse thing that happens is that your body has to form new bacteria. :) I learned that on the Dr. Oz Show.

haha who else thought of an appendix that would be found in a book? lol

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@haha who else thought of an appendix that would be found in a book? lol

I DID, LOL. I was like majorly confused when I started reading the first two comments. I was like what the fuck are they on about.

Were you watching jeopardy too? lol

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@Were you watching jeopardy too? lol

Lmao, no, I just find it really interesting and weird... x:

For some reason I thought it was for digesting grass.. Apparently not though.

The purpose has already been identified, actually... there isn't one. The appendix is a Vestigial structure- meaning it used to be useful for our prehistoric ancestors, but isn't any longer for our new and improved evolved species.

My appendix ruptured when I was ten and I had it removed.
Oh, appendicitis.
just throwin that out there.

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it's storage for extra immune system cells and stuff like that

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