if a guy texts you everyday, he likes you, amirite?

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My guy cousin texts me every day.

I sincerely hope he doesn't like me.

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It's the content of the messages.

Is he just making innuendos and flirting or actually having meaningful conversations? I've known boys who invest in daily texting to earn some nookie and that is all their messages involve.

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not necessarily, but usually.

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i'm facing the same problem too... haha! it could be that he wants to get to know u better as a friend, but if he msges u every single day, then there may be an element of love in there!

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i haveing the same problem we txt everyday yes i like him we talk at school every now and then but more in txt but reciantly he just came to the group of people i talk to and stood next to me and also when i told him i didnt want to go reapelling he asked that i shouldnt erase my name and that i should go (he sighened his name as well). and when we talke we joke around alot but ever time he sends me somthin git has a smily face with its tougnge sticking out so does that mean somthing?

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he likes you

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well obviously he wouldn't be texting you if he hated you so obviously since he doesn't hate you then he likes you...

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@well obviously he wouldn't be texting you if he hated you so obviously since he doesn't hate you then he likes you...

What if they were texts of "I hate you, don't close your eyes at night when you go to bed, I will be there to kill you"? That would be bad.

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i happen to have guys who text me every day..and i just recently and obliviously found out that they all like me. So in my point of view, i would say that its usually more appointed towards that the guy would like you(i mean unless he doesnt have a life or something) but i may be wrong..i mean: this is just my points of experience

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he's definitely showing interest, and it may be possible that he likes you,.

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i think hes stalking you

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well if he texts you everyday you must cross his mind at some point.especially if he texts you alot at night. ;)

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He likes you. You should ask him to be sure. It depends on your age as well? I'm 21 dealing with a shy 20 year old. He texts me everyday..but we've only gone out a hand full of times. And in my opinion, if he isn't asking you out and making you unavailable to other guys, he may be unsure himself. You should tell him how you feel, but do it casually. Let him know that you love talking to him and that you aren't seeing anyone else. See how he responds! And remember this too- Have confidence. Go ahead and treat him like he's interested in more. It's called the self-fulfilling prophesy and it works. You are wonderful and beautiful. Remember that!

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I have a question can anyone help me? here it goes i started to text this guy who i knew since 8 grade but we never talked to each other but we knew who we are...hes is very mysterious and very forward, whatever he has to say he says straight up, hes sign is taurus, well anyway he texted me everyday and so did i with him, he showed me he was interested in me and so did i but all the sudden he started to act strange and being a jerk.... people tell me he has never been with a girl, could that have any affected in this situation?

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