just because a guy is gay, it does not make it ok to grab boobs whenever he wants, amirite?

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I think those gay guys might not really be gay.

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Yeah, it's like saying "I'm straight, so it's ok for me to rub your dick, man"

Lettuces avatar Lettuce Yeah You Are +15Reply

I think ThisIsWhyImRite mentioned it on another post, but I never understood that bit in Chuck and Larry where she's like "feel my boobs" - I don't even see why you'd let someone who isn't your partner do that, regardless of their sexuality.

But yeah, you're right, it would be inappropriate for anyone grab a women's breasts.

Simons avatar Simon Yeah You Are +9Reply

Well there goes my only incentive for changing teams.

a gay guys gotten farther with me than my ex-bf (which, trust me, isnt far, but still)

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