You still call your parents Mommy and Daddy sometimes, amirite?

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Only when one of this pissed at me and trying to get out of trouble or when i want something

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I don't call my dad Daddy but I call my mom Mommy

i only say daddy. never have i ever said mommy.

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I'm sixteen and I rarely call them mom or dad. Even infront of my friends.

emilygws avatar emilygw Yeah You Are 0Reply

I'm hispanic so I have always called them mami an papi.

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Always mommy and daddy for me! Doesn't matter who's listening they're my mommy and daddy (:

xolilasianxos avatar xolilasianxo Yeah You Are 0Reply

i still do

HelloKitty822s avatar HelloKitty822 Yeah You Are 0Reply

Never used mommy or daddy once in my life.... Mom and dad for me. Its just feels weird for me to say mommy and daddy...

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This is probably a girl thing...

call my mom mummy, always have, and it just stuck

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Well, I use the arabic equivalent of "Mommy". I never outgrew it, I suppose. Some of my friends laugh when I call her that, but it just feels weird calling her "Mom".

It depends, it changes on whether or not she hears me the first time it goes like this "Mom? Mom?? Mommy?!?.......MOTHER!!!"

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It's momma and daddy for me. My mom still calls her parents mommy and daddy.

Only if I want something from my dad and pretty positive I'm not going to get it..... But I call my mom 'momma' a lot

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