I seem to be the only person on here who hasn't seen 2012, amirite?

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Who needs real friends when you have the internet.
Man can't remember the time I felt the touch of another being.

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I haven't seen it either :)

Ive seen it, it sucked

Me neitherr!

YAY! I don't feel like such a loser anymore :3 group hug

-Group hug- !

Yes! joins in the group hug

I feel pretty excluded. goes to real friends

feels loved :')
pulls Dipple into the hug anyway

Another living being

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Sick man. Not in the cool surfer way

Dipple, this is why it's a GROUP hug. tackle hugs Dipple

I haven't seen it. I heard that the end sucks.

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no, as in for endings of a THRILLER......thriller night, There ain't no second chance against the thing with forty eyes, girl. Thriller, thriller night; You're fighting for your life inside a killer, thriller tonight!!!!

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Haha, I like Bad. He doesn't pull off the whole manly motif, but he does a good job doin it haha


so true.

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