Life would be so much easier if bad people looked bad and good people looked good, amirite?

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An even easier if there just weren't any bad people.

But I don't there is such a thing as a purely bad person. Or a purely good person for that matter.

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Actually that wouldn't really work because many good-looking people are bitchy because people throughout their life have treated them like they're amazing because they're good-looking. So then they become egotistical & used to attention and expect everyone else to treat them like they're amazing.

But, everybody sees "beautiful" differently, so this would be impossible.

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@But, everybody sees "beautiful" differently, so this would be impossible.

Well I think it's basically the basics, like I'm sure that everyone enjoys smooth skin, or hair that isn't greasy.

Shallow hal? :)

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Did anyone else have to blink a couple times when they first saw this because of all the "o"s in the last part of the sentence?

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It would also be great if gays had a way to recognize eachother

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  • well that kinda makes no sense at the same time because when you love someone you think that they are beautiful- no matter what society says...
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