Having your bestfriend move away sucks... a lot, amirite?

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Naw I'm used to it now. Usually I am the one moving away. I'm used to goodbyes now and I know that I will see them again eventually even if it's in like ten years or in a week on skype

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Totally true..... It sucks when people move. Especially good friends and boyfriends/girlfriends... </3

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It sucks more when the person who used to be your best friend becomes just another person thats just there :/

So does being the best friend that moved. :(

and @791197 I couldn't agree more. Did it once, and I'll have to do it again this coming summer :(

Yeah I agree, it definitely sucks when the 5 best friends you've ever had all move away over 15 years... especially when you aren't really a social person

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*Best friend. Two words.
But, yeah, you're right.

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Having a girlfriend/boyfriend move away is worse..

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