Cake Boss is not better than Ace Of Cakes. amirite?

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Two things buddy says ALL THE TIME:
"And the more we put on, the better it was lookin!"
"And when they saw the cake everyone went WILD"
Two things Montana says:
"STFU you clueless freak"
"You aren't as cool as you think you are"

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Ace of Cakes was way better on all accounts. They were more fun and seemed like they actually liked each other and their job by not yelling all the time and I think their cakes were a lot better and more detailed.
But Cake Boss is also a full on bakery while Ace of Cakes focused solely on snazzy cakes.

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I love both shows, just for different reasons.

Buddy was so fucking full of himself. Someone should order a cake from his shop just to say that the cake he made is a piece of shit.

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@makeup_nerd http://gifb.in/qNsV

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why not just say 'Ace of Cakes is better than Cake Boss?' :B

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I think every show on TLC is shit.

cake shows are boring as hell. especially cupcake wars. i mean who eats cupcakes with a fork? and Florien? fuck that french dude. he's a snob.

I like both shows, but I feel like Cake Boss is more planned out and fake. Ace of Cake just seems more natural and real. I would love to get a cake from either though :)

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Where's the 'Who gives a fuck' button

Ace of Cakes makes cakes out of wood. They're not even real freaking cakes! Just saying.

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Retarded is a very hateful word and it is offensive to stupid people and also you shouldn't say it.

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America loves reality shows. America loves cake. I don't see the problem. oh damn almost forgot the majority of americans are dumb as hell.

Ace of Cakes is a better watch. But Cake Boss's cakes are WAY better.

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