A person dressed as a waffle, while pouring syrup on themself, as "Pour Some Syrup On Me" plays in the background would make a badass waffle commercial, amirite?

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its pour some SUGAR on me

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@its pour some SUGAR on me

yes. i know. but "Pour some syrup on me" would apply more to the situation.

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are you stupid? they would change the lyrics like they do for every other commercial

@its pour some SUGAR on me

I know. I would have YYA but it killed it with the wrong song title.

This made my whole day, and it's only 2:00 in the morning. Thank you for this.


how is that relevant to anything?

@reid how is that relevant to anything?

what doesn't it have to do with this post?

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@what doesn't it have to do with this post?

that post is about people googling blue waffles and thinking waffles are desserts...that has nothing to do with this post

This made me want waffles.

people are dumb asses. they change lyrics to songs to fit their product for commercials all the time.
i, personally, think this would be a very affective commercial.

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In the name of love...

Def Leppard. O.O...

-in slow motion. Haha that's funny

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