The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us. amirite?

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I think that I have read this exact phrase in Calvin and Hobbes. Oh, and I think that if aliens DID contact us, humans would find some excuse to explain what happened.

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or, there's this more likely theory
(most) human beings are selfish pigs whether they try to be or not- look at what we did to this planet. the lifeforms, which are much more intelligent than us and do not want to destroy their damn planet, decide not to engage contact with said humans in order to avoid possible conflict and destruction of their own planet.

I completely agree with the posts above me. There is a chance that they might be so advanced that they don't care for us. They might have looked at the earth and thought that if they even try to contact us that we will ask to come to their planet and destroy them. (District 9 is a good example of what would happen if the opposite of what would happen if they do come to earth).
Then there is the possible chance that we might be the only intelligent life forms out there at the moment while life forms from other parts of the universe are still forming just as the earth was billions of years ago. There is a possible chance of our solar system having life outside earth. One of Saturn's moon, Enceladus, has been discovered to have water on the surface. In fact, they say it has geysers underneath the water as well. Maybe Enceladus might have hydrothermal vents, which scientists say might have been the origin of life. If Enceladus has that, then, there might be a chance that life has...

(Continuation from the comment above this) ...formed in the water in the shapes of single-cell organisms. Maybe evolution has come into play for Enceladus, and it might hold multi-cell organisms, such as plants, or even fish. It's a very possible idea, but we must look into it to discover what truly lies within.

When I posted this I didn't mean for it to be some big philosophical discussion. I just thought it was something funny that made fun of how stupid humans are.

are you sure you aren't an alien?...because i couldn't understand a word of that science monkey :S

I like yours too. Youre not the only one who is ninja.

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well mabye they have. if they are really different then us then neither of us would be able to understand each other...

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I like yours too. Youre not the only one who is ninja.

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Am I the only one who does recognizes this from Calvin and Hobbes?

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