Mom: Oh my god, my daughter's door is closed! Okay, okay, don't panic, she is just doing homework... But she could be also doing drugs! Or smoking weed! She could be having sex with that boyfriend-- what if she forgot the pill!? Holy crap, I better barge in her room just to make sure! "Honey!" Daughter: "Hey Mom... just finishing math." Mom: "Uh..." Phew! Preventing teen pregnancy is hard work... amirite?

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the boyfriend's name is math....

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Daughter: Phew she didn't even notice me posting on amirite

quickly exits out of chatroulette "Hey Mum..."

My favorite part?
"But she could be also doing drugs! Or smoking weed!"

...because weed isn't a drug?

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Raise your children so you can fucking trust them with their door closed. End of problem.

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