You see those people at school or where ever that are like: I can't wait for church tonight, it's going to be soooo much FUN and i'll get to see (insert name)! Uhhm since when has church been a SOCIAL experience!? It's supposed to be about loving God not your crush, amirite?

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May as well make it interestig and make church attendance an experience that's rewarded before you're dead

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I don't know anyone who goes to/enjoys going to church :P

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That's awesome :) I didn't mean ''no one should like going to church'' or whatever, it's a personal thing I guess. I was just saying that I didn't know anyone who did :P

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Oh, ok, that's cool then. I wasn't sure and just wanted to clear it up...

In my youth group at my church, everyone is like a big family and most of us come for not only god but also to see our friends. Also, church is the only time I get to see my best friend.

the only reason i get to see my pretty much lifelong crush is because of church...but going and making friends and becoming closer to him and my other friends has made me enjoy getting to know God and etc.

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