If you had to lose one sense, the first you'd choose to go would be taste, amirite?

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Smell would have to go first.

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@Smell would have to go first.

Smell and taste are linked.

@Katffro Smell and taste are linked.

Sure, but you can still taste a bit when you can't smell.
Plus, I wouldn't miss the good smells as much as I would miss the delicious tasting food.
And there's always bad smells that no one would miss.

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@Katffro Smell and taste are linked.

@905890 (Katffro): Ya! Like when you get a cold and ur nose is all clogged up and you can't smell anything...

Smell for sure. You go without it for a couple of days every year.

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Yep, taste. So I could eat healthily.

If you lost taste you could be really fit and healthy!

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For your mom it would be touch, taste. ;] Maybe smell? :/


Weird, that's really close to how I would go. I would have touch before hearing though.

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Are you kidding? Dogs don't rely on smell more than taste? No. Dogs would be sight, smell, hearing, taste, touch.

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Oh! I see. You did it backwards! Oh. Okay. My bad.

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Well that completely contradicts your earlier statement...

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@scrantoncity Are you kidding? Dogs don't rely on smell more than taste? No. Dogs would be sight, smell, hearing, taste, touch.

Actually, most dogs can't taste at all. They just smell things, that's why dog food smells so strong...

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If you were going to go off what humans rely on most, it would be smell, taste, hearing, sight, touch.

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Most people can live without their sense of sight. Actually, the vast majority of people can live without sight, hearing, taste, or smell in any combination.

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WTF are you talking about? The fact that touch is the only sense we would die without automatically makes it the one we rely on the most.

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My point wasn't that it's more dangerous to live without, it's that you literally cannot live without it. The sense of touch is almost as important as air itself. I agree that once you're alive sight is the one we rely on most. But seeing as you wouldn't be alive to see in the first place, touch is the most important.

And I wouldn't trust any of these sources because they're all just people's opinions. Scientifically speaking, touch is clearly the most important. If people knew how important the sense of touch actually is, they'd vote it most important every time.

By touch, I don't just mean the ability to feel pain. The sense of touch is at the core of how your body regulates its internal environment. Our sense of touch is the one that gives us information about what's going on inside our own bodies and we use it every second of every day. Like I said earlier, without your sense of touch we would die.

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were i live im not in much danger from the elements.

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think about when you walk into a bus. theres a reason 65% of the people in the study chose sight over touch, agreeing with them does not make me an idiot first grader. you really need to fall back on personal insults to defend yourself? sad

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whatever it was it was still showing the %s and thats what i was talking about the fact that more people agree and um no haha those were not even my words what i was saying was you dont need to be able to feel the knife going through you to know your going to die, being able to feel it isnt going to stop it from killing you. and if you rely on personal attacks then you are in no way a good debater

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yeah but youd see the person stabbing you with the knife and could maybe like run away. and i never made any sort of attack against you saying anything about weather of not you think sight of feel is more important so i have no idea why you feel the need to point this out to me and if your the one saying sight is more important why ar you sitting here making arguments for your opposing side

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its not POINTLESS but id rather be in a hole world that had no touch than a whole world that had no vision, we wouldnt be able to drive or anything like that

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I get my information from college biology and psychology textbooks. If you knew about the nervous system you'd know that it sends information about internal processes as well as what's going on outside the body. And, yes, people have been born without the ability to feel pain but they still have the ability to feel other sensations. In all if recorded human history, only one person has ever completely lost their sense of touch and lived.

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It's actually all categorized as touch since it's basically the same mechanism. But the one thing that would suck about losing external touch is that you couldn't really have sex anymore.

I find it interesting that so many people would chose touch as one of the first. Sure, it might seem nice to not be able to feel pain, but then you would have no way of knowing if you cut yourself badly and are going to bleed to death. You couldn’t pick things up either without looking at your hand. If you didn’t look, you wouldn’t know if you’re touching the object, or if you’re gripping it too hard or too soft.
Walking would also be a challenge. Ever sat on your legs for so long that they fell asleep, and then tried walking? That’s what it would be like. I once almost broke my ankle because I couldn’t feel that I was trying to walk incorrectly.
@OP, I would lose my sense of smell first. I hardly pay attention to it, anyway. Then taste, hearing, sight, and finally, touch. Touch being last because, as stated above, it’s so necessary to function.

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id do touch first because maybe i would lose my pain receptors, smell and taste would be in the middle because they are so interwoven, and finally hearing and sight would last because life without them would be pretty sucky.

Probably smell.

I'd get rid of smell first, then touch, then taste, than hearing, the sight.

@LittleRed I'd get rid of smell first, then touch, then taste, than hearing, the sight.

if you lost smell first wouldnt you pretty much lose taste anyways? when i have a cold i cant smell or taste anything but the gross stuff is onlyyy in my nose

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I would say definitely smelling is the least important, because it barely helps you in life, and when you are in public bathrooms, you would be able to breathe through your nose... :)

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Let's just all be thankful we have our senses.

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I was thinking along the same lines. I figure if I lose taste, then I wouldn't mind eating some of the healthier food that I don't like the taste of, and wouldn't be craving the unhealthy food. But maybe that's just me.

About the knife thing, if you had sight and no touch a person could walk up behind you stab you and keep on walking, you wouldn't know you have been stabbed until you could see the blood around you but by then it is probably to late. If you had touch instead of sight, the same senariocould happen but you would feel the pain and it would indicate to your brain to go get help. Without touch many of your natural instincts of survival would be taken. With sight you have a fight or flight instinct of danger but with touch when you get hurt your brain sends out signals like adrenaline and red blood cells to clot your blood but if you didn't feel the pain no signal would be sent out through your nerves telling your body to funtion in the way. Also you could hurt yourself very bad like breaking your leg but keep walking on it because you don't know its broken and then you could damage it to a point where it doesnt work anymore and then you wouldn't be able to walk at all.

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Haha why? Have you thought it out?

Yeah. Other than the obvious sense I wouldn't want to lose (Hearing, sight, touch), I depend on smell more than taste. I smell my food before I eat it. Think about it, if you're somewhere, and there's a fire near by, how would you know? Say you couldn't see it. But, you would smell the smoke, though.
I'd miss the taste of chocolate, though.

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Is this amirite really worthy of so many comments??

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