Why is it that elementary schools have playgrounds when the kids spend most of their time chasing each other around, while highschools have no sort of play structure, and all we want to do is swing or go down a slide, amirite?

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If you hadn't had recess in elementary school, I doubt you'd be all that interested in having it in high school.

I don't really understand the whole acting like a little kid fad.

@GiggityGoo22 I don't really understand the whole acting like a little kid fad.

I thought I was gonna get down-voted into hell for that one.

I LOVE to swing.

@jykjlw2 I LOVE to swing.

but i would feel ashamed if i had to have a fifteen minute break from school, during high school, in order to do it.

i don't think the majority of high schoolers would enjoy having 15+ minutes reserved for going down slides slash swing. that's why a lot of times there are free periods, to relax/ have a break from school work

High schoolers realize how much growing up sucks>get all nostalgic> wish you had recess again

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I remember my last day of physics class when we walked across the street to the park. I climed all the things and swung on all the swings! Best day in physics class ever just barely beat when my hot teacher didn't have his pants zipped.

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