Sometimes the speed limit is just too low. If you're in control of your car and you can stop quickly enough to not hit anything around you, you shouldn't get pulled over. amirite?

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Yeah, but you're forgetting the idiots who like to abuse priveliges....

They've done tests where they removed speed limit signs and people instinctively drive at speeds that are comfortable for them and they're able to control. They don't just floor it cause they can. Although speed limits are good some places, like a school zone so people aren't flying down the road when a kid might run out. In regards to what the OP said, a police officer can't exactly tell who can and can't control the vehicle well enough to stop in time or react before an accident happened. Considering some people speed whether they're a good driver or not. Also speeding tickets, and red light tickets bring in a lot of money for cities so they'd never let that revenue go.

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You know, I don't think you're even allowed to drive now without your glasses if you took your driver's license test with them on.

Ok, but I think 10 or 15 mph is just too slow anywhere. I don't think the speedometer is even accurate at that low of a reading.

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Huh, I really thought more people would agree with this. Is it because it sounds like I was doing 80 or even 60 mph or something? Because in reality it was 44 mph . . .

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