when you were little you remember watching Face on Nick Jr... what happened to him? amirite?

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i forgot about him until i saw this post, now all the memories are rushing back:( i miss him/it

jilliebeans avatar jilliebean Yeah You Are +8Reply

i LOVED face! xD hah..

I always interacted with Face. I miss him so. He needs to come back. If he did, I would wake up every morning early just to see him on Nick Jr.! :(

Emys avatar Emy Yeah You Are +6Reply

i miss face

Anonymous +5Reply
@i miss face

mee too!

cheer4mias avatar cheer4mia Yeah You Are 0Reply

Face needs to come back :[

Bossmans avatar Bossman Yeah You Are +5Reply

Face was amazing!!, I always wondered where he went, He was so friendly*(:

iWeasleys avatar iWeasley Yeah You Are +4Reply

Steve from Blues Clues "went to college" and poor Face didn't want to have to deal with Joe 'cause he's an idiot.

Anonymous +4Reply

I always said hi and waved at the screen....

Izus avatar Izu Yeah You Are +2Reply

they need to bring him back, it's not fair that younger kids don't get to see him. :(

Anonymous +2Reply

This made me feel really nostalgic :(

He sounds really familiar. But I can't remember him:( and now I feel stupid

@ItsBritniBetch He sounds really familiar. But I can't remember him:( and now I feel stupid

haha, it was the basically the whole t.v. screen, with two eyes and a mouth :D and he changed colors, and announced shows, like little bear, or inside out kid


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what about stick stickly? does anyone remember him?

Anonymous 0Reply
@what about stick stickly? does anyone remember him?

Stick Stickly!! I made my own version of him with an ice lolly stick he was awesome

i had totally forgotten about him he was awesome!

Anonymous 0Reply

face was so awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
i remember i used to watch him
his voice was epic

Anonymous 0Reply

i LOVED Face! now theres this little moose.. (i babysit alot) Face was much better than moose

iishgir2107s avatar iishgir2107 Yeah You Are 0Reply

Ooohhh! I always thought his name was square or box or something! I remember him now! Thanks:)

Oh my Godddd, Face. I can't even express how much I miss face.

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