You daydream in the third-person, amirite?

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How did you know....

I daydream in third person, but I dream in first person while I'm asleep.

when you rwmwmber your dreams in third person, that means you´ve "added" stuff to your dream, you originally dream in first person

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Does this mean like...when you daydream, you're "watching" yourself, right? Just making sure haha.

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i know! and i sound like a dumbass

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Amanda thinks this post was made for her.

i don't get it ? of course not lol

i daydream in third, but my dreams are either first or third. i once dreamed about watching myself go through my day all over again

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I literally thought about it a min ago and Google the exact same questions which brought me here. I personally daydream aleays in 3rd person almost like im watching a movie iam starring . I daydream about any thing and create different scenarios like from beeing a famous celebrity to little stuff like going on a trip with my friends and families. But what if I start daydream in first person.... like it did really happened? like remembering these events?

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Whoa. I haven't even thought about this before... but now that I think about it... yeah!

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