Why give free hugs when you can give premium $1 hugs! amirite?

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Are you some kind of hugging prostitute? :P

I can get free hugs, but okay! :D

@GabrielBrown I can get free hugs, but okay! :D

yes i give free hugs all the time, but why give yourself out for free?

Because I can. And hugs are pretty amazing.

Well, some people think it's a big deal to hug your Boyfriend/girlfriend, but I could hug my girlfriend like a million times! It's not a big deal to me, haha.

Lol I saw someone doing that in video right next to a free huds guy.

no! were all just friends where i come from!

My friend tried to give free hugs. I told people that I was giving dollar hugs.

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Does that count as prostitution?

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