When some tweens/young teens are teased for being too young to be posting on websites like these, they insist they are very mature and grown up. The instant they are criticized or proven wrong on said websites, they start complaining that they are only such and such an age and the criticizers are pathetic for picking on such a young, innocent kid, amirite?

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dude, seriously, age is not as important as how mature you are at handling situations. I mean like if the guy was a 17 year old pervert and was acting all immature on the site, then you would rather have a 12 or 13 person post something funny and decent right?

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Yeah! I mean, if you want to be treated equally as those who are older than you, that goes for ALL situations.

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OMG yes
like that whore softball8

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I just don't tell people my age.

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No, the criticizers are pathetic for using their differing age against them as if it matters in the first place.

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