butt panties..white girls don't want to steal black men my ass, amirite?

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@luckie_ ...Huh?

That's what I was thinking!!

O_o This... this hurts my brain trying to read it. How did this get to the homepage?

I'm assuming OP meant any white girl who wears cami panties is after black guys; news flash: white guys like ass too. Way to promote racist stereotypes, dumbass. Sounds like someone's jealous of white girls.


It's written in code.

It says "Judgement day is coming".

There's underwear to make your bum appear larger than normal?
That's disturbing.
I don't understand what's so awesome about a massive bum, to be honest.

Mine does ;D cami panties are both of our favorites.

They don't make your ass look bigger, btw, for those who are confused... they just emphasize the roundness. They're the ones that let the bottom half of your cheek hang out, for those who don't know. They're the most flattering kind there are, in almost everyone I know's opinion; they look good on almost everyone. Not like thongs, which only look good on really skinny people.


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