It's annoying when parents try to text, and they either over use things like "LOL" "TTYL" and "OMG", or end up texting you a message like this: "com home @ 6 dinner" amirite?

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My mom texts me like she would email a client. She's too professional. I wish she WOULD loosen up a little. Just not that much.

My parents are pretty good texters. Well, considering they both have QWERTY keyboards and the only way to get in contact with my siblings and me at crucial times is by texting, they better be good at it.

I get texts like this. "k w t s i p y u @ t c?" which I'm supposed to decipher as "okay, what time should I pick you up at the tennis courts?"

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My mom: LOL, that was a funny joke!
My dad: Be there in 5.

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My dad's a good texter. He makes me laugh...

Eww CUM here at 6 at dinner.

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