Sex on the beach actually sounds pretty gross, I mean think of all that sand, amirite?

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Thats what a blanket is 4

You could always freak in the jeep with Snoop Doggy Dog on the stereo.
Keep your options open!

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Besides a drink its also something you can do!
Just do it on a blanket or lounge chair or something... No literally ON the beach

hence "we got my sand in our stilletos"

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The drink is quite delicious though :-)

Yeah guys it's a drink

With a blanket, its glorious.

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I don't get why every one is so obsessed with that. I don't care if you were doing it on a blanket or not what if you were doing it by the shore and some big ass wave came up and like drenched you and got sea weed all over you. That's just SO romantic

Btw this is not related to California Girls whatsoever. At all.

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