The play room at McDonalds is fun for everyone! amirite?

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We weren't allowed in because we were too old.. But it looks fun for everyone!

This would be hella less creepy if your name weren't pedobear...

the ball pit is like a pool of pink eye :/

The comments made this post like 10x funnier.

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says pedo bear... yeah...


Dude i completely agree with you that its fun... but the one time i didnt have fun was when i went to the big McDonalds in Orlando and when i was climbing up in the awesome playpen thing i stuck my hand in a puddle of pee... yeah.

I got lost in the play thing once and started crying. Someone had to get me out... It wasn't too fun.

It stinks in the play area. But it does look like fun.

go pedobear<3

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Uhh this isn't MLIA

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