Stop being uptight. Laugh at racist jokes, sometimes there funny. amirite?

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How is a black man like a broken shotgun? He doesn't work and you can't fire him!

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Some are don't get me wrong, but some people need to know when to stop. You know what I mean?

I agree with rboyer23. Some jokes really are funny, and just playing around; everyone gets that they are ok.

But, a lot of people take it too far. Jokes about a stereotypical black or Mexican person may be mildly funny, but jokes about the Holocaust are not. There is nothing laughable about such a horrific event.

It's all about discernment.


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They're* learn to spell! Jeez what are you, black?

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What's the difference between a black man and a bench? A bench can support a family.

They're, Their, There. Jokes aren't meant to be taken fo-serious, that's why they're jokes.

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They're called JOKES for a reason bro.

@skateman2012 They're called JOKES for a reason bro.

I said some are funny... just people need to know when to stop.

I hate it when people tell a sexist joke infront of me, or a sectarianist joke, so I don't find it very funny when people tell a racist joke. The only sort of jokes I don't mind that laughs at certain people are gingers jokes. Those aren't even offensive to me at all.

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