Why do guys do that hand-shake-into-a-smack-on-the-back thing, you wont look gay if you hug a dude, amirite?

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i bet it's all girls that agree, and all boys that disagree.

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It's kind of like, how a girl can call another girl pretty and it's okay, but if a guy says another guy is handsome, they're called a douchebag.

Honestly, I never liked hugging guys, BUT an individual guy might not think hugging another guy makes him gay, but he's worried the other guy thinks that. Therefore, there are thousands of guys out there who would hug guys but don't because they don't want the other guy to get the wrong message.

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I hug.

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guys at my school full-on hug all the time......especially the homies....!!

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@guys at my school full-on hug all the time......especially the homies....!!

Why would you go to school with your slaves? I would think you would hold them to a lower standard of education.

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Because then it might turn into that awkward hug y'know? Like the one where it's 'i hugged you and you won't let go and it's getting really weird' kind of hug.

I always just assumed that that was called a man-hug.

It's because hugs can last a long time, but the version we do is always short. This eliminates any potential awkwardness caused by traditional hugging.

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